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Earthing Braids
Types :
  1. Bare Braided Copper Flexible
    • Our Braided Copper Flexibles are manufactured from high conductivity Copper wire of Dia 0.05 mm to 0.30 mm. These are available in a variety of designs and are customized for job specific applications.
  2. Silver Plated Braided Copper
    • Braided copper flexible connections using high quality braiding composed of copper wire strands. The Silver plating on the Copper flexibles increases its conductivity. These wire strands are woven into concentric sleeves further flattened to make rectangular strips or round rope shape wire.
    • The braidings are crimped at both the ends into a copper ferrule plated by either Tin or Silver.
  3. Tin Plated Braided Copper
    • The Tin coating of Copper Wire gives it excellent Anti-Corrosion and Soldering properties.
Application :
A wide range of braids made of electrolytic copper or stainless steel for all your earthing applications and power connections.
Features :
  • Standard, flat with integral palms
  • In coils or drums, flat or round, in plain or tinned copper, bare or insulated
  • Tubular
  • Made of wires with diameter 0.05 or 0.20 mm for maximum flexibility
  • On specific request: Special manufacturing of braids

  • Earth Braids with Integral Palms
  • Higher electrical contact due to direct contact of integral palms
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Can be bent very close to contact area
  • Working temperature up to 105C

  • Flat Braids
  • Flat tinned or plain copper braids, in coils
  • Bare or insulated

  • Round and Tubular Braids
  • Round tinned or plain copper braids
  • Bare or insulated
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