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Instrumentation & Signal Cables
Instrumentation & Signal Cables
Description :
Solid/Stranded (ATC / ABC ) copper conductor, insulated with PVC/PE/XLPE to form a core, 2 cores twisted to form a pair, 3 cores twisted to form a triad, 4 such elements depending upon the requirement will be laid to form a unit, such units laid up & overall sheathed with PVC/PE/LSZH.
  • Shielding (Braiding/Lapping/Aluminium-Mylar Taping) will be provided individually on each pair/triad and overall or only overall depending upon the requirement.
  • Armouring is provided depending upon the requirement with a extruded inner PVC/PE sheath, and overall sheath of PVC/PE/XLPE.
Application :
Transmission of signals with minimum distortion & superior circuit isolation for systems like process control and Fire Alarm in Refineries, Chemical, Cement, Steel, Railways, Thermal and Gas Power Plants through microprocessors.
Standard Specification :
IS : 5608, BS : 5308, IEC-189, VDE 0815, VDE 0816
Characteristics :
  • Suitable for operation at 300 volts rms core to earth and 500 volts core to core.
  • Cable suitable for conductor operating temperature 70C. 85C & 105C will be provided on request.
Delivery Lengths :
  • 500/1000 meters. Other lengths are upon request.
  • Wound on wooden drums of suitable size as per factory specification. Cable ends sealed by means of a non-hygroscopic sealing material.
  • Custom packing and drums are also available on request.
Special Properties :
Fire Retardant/Fire Retardant Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Low Smoke/ Insulation and sheath materials shall be supplied on request.
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