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LV Power Cables
Description :
Aluminum/Copper Conductors(Stranded conductors bunched in the form of of shaped or round), XLPE/PVC insulated, insulated cores laid up, extruded PVC inner sheathed, Overall extruded PVC sheathed. Galvanized mild steel armoring will be provided with wire/strip/tape over inner sheathed in case of armored cables.
Application :
These Heavy Duty power cables are suitable for use in generating stations, sub-stations, distribution systems, house service connections, street lighting, industrial installation and operating conditions and tensile stresses when armoured, and can be laid in water or buried direct under the ground, even on steep slopes. They can also be installed indoors, in air or in cable ducts.
Identification :
  • By cores of different colour insulation/number marked.
  • By number marking sequentially on the cores by a contrast colour. The colour of insulation of all cores being the same.
  • By alphabet marking sequentially on the cores The colour of insulation of all cores being the same.
  • Other combinations of colour, numerals & alphabet coding as per customer specification/requirement.
Standard Specification :
IS 1554 Part-1,
IS:7098 Part-1,
Customer Specification
Characteristics :
  • Suitable for operation at voltage upto & including 1100 volts.
  • Cable suitable for conductor operating temperature 70C, 85C & 105C will be provided on request .
Delivery Lengths :
  • 500/1000 meters. Other lengths are upon request.
  • Wound on wooden drums of suitable size as per factory specification. Cable ends sealed by means of a non-hygroscopic sealing material.
  • Custom packing and drums are also available on request.
Special Properties :
  • Fire Retardant/ Fire Retardant Low Smoke/ Zero Halogen Low Smoke, Insulation & Sheath material shall be supplied on request.
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